Drift Boss



Recommended game.

Tracks game is a fun car game that helps you to increase focus in playing and in difficult situations.

Drift Boss is cool car causal game! In Drift Boss you have to constantly anticipate how you are skidding and drifting in order to get the highest score.

The game begins with a car traveling on deviated tracks and there is money on the tracks, and you have to collect coins and follow the deviant tracks without deviating from the track and losing

There are several types of cars, and each specific type is unlocked when a certain number of money is reached

You have to follow the deviant paths and go back to them, because when you leave, you will lose.

How to play?

PC: Press the left mouse button or space bar to drift to the right, release the button to go left
Mobile: Touch the screen to drift to the right, and release the screen to go left.

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