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Drift Hunters is a racing game by Ilya Kaminetsky that allows the player to drift cars. Additionally, you can personalize your vehicle with custom paint jobs, so select the best color to make your vehicle stand out. There is also an incredibly detailed tuning for you to make you feel like you’re taking care of an actual car. You can even make it skid better with upgrades to enhance its performance. Plus, there are ten incredible tracks and over 25 nice racing cars to choose from. Make your drifting dreams come true with Drift Hunters.

The most realistic car drifting simulator

- Over 25 awesome drift cars. Drive your dreams

- Detailed car tuning

- The best car customization. Paint your car in any color with 4 types of paint. Change rims, paint rims. Stance it

- Upgrade performance of your car - make more skids

- 10 nice tracks for drifting, racing or just doing burnouts

- Realistic drift physics

- Collect drift points and earn money

  • Try different handling schemes.


There's no reason not to try it. Wish everyone have a good time.

Game Control

Hey guys. We have all been at this point in the majority of games. We need to grind. In this game, I cover a strategy of grinding in Drift Hunters that you can also use. I also show you the best car in the game.

Bro, take the mazda Miata and Do not buy parts but here are the tune up settings:

Front Camber: - 10
Rear Camber: - 10
Front Offset : - 10
Rear Offset: + 10
Brake Balance: 100%
Front Height: -8cm
Rear Height: + 8cm
Break Pressure: 100%

If you drift till you are at x16 and then do donuts you can get 6000 x hour and even do it afk on computer

 Use the WASD keys or arrows keys to steer the car.

Use the space bar as the handbrake.

Use C to change the camera position.
Use Left shift to shift up gears.
Use Left CTRL to shift down gears.

Tips and tricks:
Take the chance and try to race in all the tracks and playgrounds.

Play Drift Hunters in full screen for the best gaming experiences.

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