GTR Drift Legend


Try GTR drift legend, the most realistic and interesting drift game in town. Own different cars in the game, experience new tracks and many more to explore.

Stunning graphics, Variety of unique sports cars, realistic driving experience, real drifting skills. get the highest score - Get access to 19 new sports cars and tracks; BIKE SIMULATION Get ready to experience the most unique drifting thrill. Skateboarding has never been fun, exciting and thrilling. 19 UNIQUE CARS! Realistic drift system and high quality car are waiting. GTR, E46M3, M4, Charger, Civici, Viper, Supra, Evo, C63, 350z, WRx. SLOW MOVEMENT! With this behavior you can do your best with your Cars game.

Game Control

Car Move: "ARROW KEYS" , "W,A,S,D" Pause: "Escape"HandBrake: "Space"Change Camera: "C"Gear Shit Up: "Left Shift"Gear Shit Down: "Left Control"N Gear: "N"Boost/Nos: "F"Slow Motion: "G"Lookback: "B"Indicator hazard: "Z"Low Beam Headlights: "L"High Beam Headlights: "K"Start /Stop Engine Key: “I”Indicator Left: “Q”Indicator Left: “E”Record: “R”Playback: “P”.

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