Stickman Boost



Recommended game.

Are you crazy fans of stickman style game ?

Stickman is in the arena! He is about to start his adventure with a very complicated map. In this map you are going to jump,slide and run. Besides of that you should decide as quick as possible. Avoid razors and sticks and let the adventure begin for you with the stickman!

Stickman Boost is an epic platform game with intense and challenging gameplay and awesome stickman characters. With 10 different complex stages to work through, and two bonus stages this game has great playability and will provide hours of fun!

Use the keyboard arrow keys to move your stickman character and perform cool moves like a double jump and a rolling slide. You must navigate through each level and overcome various obstacles such as deadly spikes, circular saws and large gaping chasms.

This game is so much fun and one of the best platform titles we have seen in a while!
Warning! This platform game will put your nerves to the test and will drive you crazy!

How to play?


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